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2 things you should know about Pregnancy Care.

Why is proper nutrition important during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, a woman's diet not only nourishes her baby in the womb, but acts as a building block for the future generations as well.

Building your child’s health from the womb.

Eating a nutrition rich diet during pregnancy helps in good brain development, strong immunity, a healthy birth weight and overall well-being.


Why Reverse Factor Works for You ?


Address the root cause

Instead of suppressing symptoms, we help you treat the root cause.

Patient-centric Plans

We account for tastes, lifestyle, food restrictions, city, local and seasonal varieties.

Long term and sustainability

We firmly believe in inculcating healthy habits rather than just following a diet plan.

Constant support and monitoring

We work like a team to achieve the best for you.

Detailed Analysis of Lifestyle

We take in account all the details of lifestyle - health issues, meals, timetable, preferences, location, work pattern and medications.

Consultation with an Expert

A personalized solution that caters to your specific health issues and fits into your lifestyle & routine for sustainability.


We have helped and inspired more than 5000+ people worldwide to reverse their lifestyle diseases.

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