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Reverse Factor firmly believes that chronic diseases are preventable and reversible with right lifestyle interventions.

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What is Reverse Factor?

We are the only healthtech start-up in India which helps people reverse lifestyle diseases with the help of right food as well as thoughts & emotions.

RF team has proved it through innumerable case studies that lifestyle diseases can be reversed simply by spreading awareness about the role of mind and nutrition in the prevention, treatment and reversal of lifestyle diseases.


Life at Reverse Factor

Being disease-free is a long-term goal rather than a short-term investment. To achieve this goal, we need small but sustainable changes in our lifestyle. The entire team at RF focuses on curating an empowering experience for all our patients so that they recognize the role of nutrition and emotions in their well-being.

Our Mission

Helping people discover their incredible capacity to heal themselves and rejuvenate the ability to maintain and restore health without medications or surgery. 

Our Vision

Our vision is a world where right food & meditation are an integral part in the prevention & reversal of lifestyle diseases.

Founder's Note

Health is a fundamental driver of our overall quality of life. In the way penicillin revolutionized the first age of medicine, it looks as though right nutrition and right thoughts will be the new age of medicine. Remember, if input is wrong, medicine is of no use and if input is right, medicine is of no need.


We have helped and inspired more than 7000+ people worldwide to reverse their lifestyle diseases.

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Proven Results

When your right intention is matched with your consistent effort & discipline, your health changes for the better.

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10,000 +

People have been empowered with right information.

7,000 +

People reversed their lifestyle diseases with right food and thoughts.

75% +

Average decrease in medications in our program.

Great Things in business are never done by one person. They are done by a team of people.

Karan Kakkad


Dr. Samuel Yue

Co-Founder & Chief Medical Director

Shivani Sureka

Business Development

Swagota Pal

Head of Services

Nidhi Desai

Data & Products Manager

Shruti Modi

Head - QC for Services

Deepshikha Naskar

Senior Health Coach

Saujanna Ganguly

Senior Health Coach

Nayna Das

Senior Health Coach

Farhat Khan

Database Administrator

Apurba Das

Health Coach

Arpita Sur

Content Creator

Tanisha Jaiswal

Health Coach

Sania Parveen

Health Coach

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