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Our heart disease treatment assists people to improve their health with a diet-based method which in turn reduces the risk of heart failure, high cholesterol, and stroke.

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About Heart Disease

3 Myths You Should Know About Heart Disease Treatment

Heart diseases are genetic.

Heart diseases are genetic.

On the contrary, more than genes, it is the lifestyle that plays a major role. It is not a genetic problem, but rather a lifestyle problem that can be cured with a heart disease reversal program. A proper heart disease treatment can reduce the risk of developing heart disease.

Medications are a reasonable solution.

Medications are a reasonable solution.

Drugs and medications help temporarily but do not stop the root cause of the heart issues - nutrition and stress. Medications only help in the prevention of diseases and not in curing them. Hence it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet for heart disease prevention.

Heart issues are an irreversible condition.

Heart issues are an irreversible condition.

In reality, heart disease can be treated with proper lifestyle intervention. Doing regular exercise and eating a plant-based diet reverse heart disease and better your chance of survival. Making simple changes in your diet and managing stress can reverse heart problems.

We Aim To Reverse Heart Disease through Diet and Fitness Goal Safely

Our heart disease reversal program is making a consistent effort to prevent and reverse heart disease with proper diet and guidance.

See Reversal Stories

10,000 +

People have been empowered with right information


7,000 +

People reversed their lifestyle diseases with right food


75% +

Average decrease in medications in our program

Diseases We Cover

High Cholesterol

High Lipid Profile

High Blood Pressure

Heart Blockage

High Triglyceride

Coronary Artery Disease

High Homocysteine

High C-Reactive Protein

Low Blood Pressure

Let’s Defeat The Heart Problems With A Healthy Lifestyle

The Best Heart Disease Treatment In India

Address the root cause

Address the root cause

Instead of suppressing symptoms, we help you treat the root cause. Our reverse heart disease program promotes a healthy lifestyle and reduces your risk of heart-related issues.

Patient-centric Plans

Patient-centric Plans

We account for tastes, lifestyle, food restrictions, city, and local and seasonal varieties. Our heart disease treatment has dramatically improved the lives of many heart patients.

Long term and sustainability

Long term and sustainability

We firmly believe in inculcating healthy habits rather than just following a diet plan. We focus on how to reverse heart disease fast by eating a balanced diet, exercising, and meditation.

Constant support and monitoring

Constant support and monitoring

We work like a team to achieve the best for you. Our health experts keep track of your health progress and emphasize early detection and prevention of health risks.

Detailed Analysis of Lifestyle

Detailed Analysis of Lifestyle

We take into account all the details of lifestyle - health issues, meals, timetable, preferences, location, work pattern, and medications to prevent and reverse heart disease.

Consultation with an Expert

Consultation with an Expert

A personalized solution that caters to your specific health issues and fits into your lifestyle & routine for sustainability. Reverse coronary artery disease with direct access to the best medical professionals.

Begin Your Journey Towards A Healthy Lifestyle

We Aim To Reverse Heart Disease With Easy Lifestyle Changes

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Empowering Peoples To Improve Their Health

We Know How To Stop And Reverse Heart Disease Effectively

Best Diet Plan

Our health consultant will share a nutritious and delicious food chart that is easy to follow.

Stress Management

Learn various techniques from our health coaches to relax, cut stress from life and live in healthier ways.


We help you learn how to stay physically active through dedicated yoga classes.

Regular Monitoring

With regular monitoring and health analysis, we keep tracking your health progress.

Taking Care of Million Hearts

A Healthcare That Care, Prevent And Reverse Heart Disease

Best Heart Disease Reversal Program In India trusted by over 7000+ clients. Join the Health Revolution Now!

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Providing The Right Care With The Best Techniques

Why You Must Join Our Heart Disease Reversal Program

We prevent and reverse heart diseases such as heart failure, stroke, and hypertension by providing the right solutions to take care of your health and make necessary lifestyle changes.

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Identify the Problem

Identify the Problem

We identify the root cause of heart disease and guide you for safe and sustainable lifestyle changes to take control of your health.

Reduce Medicine Dependency

Reduce Medicine Dependency

Our heart disease treatment gradually reduces the need for medications with a diet-based plan.

Smart Diagnosis

Smart Diagnosis

This program not only deals with the root cause but also treats your health issue by suggesting you the best heart-based diet.

Sustainable Health Program

Sustainable Health Program

Our Health experts will suggest you easy to follow diet and lifestyle changes that you can easily implement in your daily life.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Excess weight  leads to fatty material building up in your arteries. If the arteries that carry blood to your heart get damaged and clogged, it can lead to heart disease. Also your body will require more effort to move this blood around which will eventually increase your blood pressure.

Our plan aims at improving heart health and preventing heart diseases by increasing circulation and blood flow, as well as reducing stress through right nutrition and yoga.

Nutrition plays a crucial role for your heart health. It reduces blood pressure and increases HDL, or good cholesterol. It also helps your blood vessels to function properly. 

Yes, it is possible to reduce or completely stop medications for heart diseases like - hypertension, high cholesterol. This requires simple and consistent changes in your nutrition and lifestyle. However the recovery process will be different for each individual.

When there is too much cholesterol in the blood, it builds up in the walls of the arteries, leading to poor blood circulation causing various heart damages like high cholesterol, hypertension, heart blockages, sudden heart attacks and many more.

There are certain blood parameters that indicate poor heart health like high C-reactive protein, total cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL, homocysteine and low LDL. 

Focusing on good nutrition like eating foods rich in fibre, vitamins and minerals, and necessary lifestyle changes including emotional and physical  well being can help reduce hardening of the arteries, lowering blood pressure and decreasing high cholesterol.

With our experience of treating 5000+ patients, we have seen that time taken to reverse one’s health issues differ from person to person. However, by making necessary lifestyle interventions you can start seeing visible changes in sleep pattern, bowel movement, and energy levels and gradually improvement in their blood pressure levels.

Most of the heart diseases are reversible with proper lifestyle interventions. We need to remember that lifestyle issues are not lifelong.

Drugs and medications may be a fast and convenient solution but it never treats the root cause of the heart issues. Depending on pills will just aggravate the issues overtime.

Plant based diets are full of antioxidants, fiber and essential macro and micronutrients which reverses as well as prevents heart issues. They also help in reducing oxidative stress in the body, which is the primary root cause of all heart diseases.

The heart needs exercise just like any other muscle. Exercising releases endorphins, nitric oxide and dopamine which helps in reversing and preventing heart diseases. It can reverse damage to sedentary, aging hearts and help prevent risk of future heart failure.

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