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Reverse Factor is the best diabetes reversal program in India to prevent and treat type 2 diabetes. Give yourself the best chance to fight a lifestyle disease.

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3 simple facts about Diabetes Reversal India Program you should know

3 simple facts about Diabetes Reversal India Program you should know !


Is Type 2 diabetes a problem of high blood sugar ?

Type 2 diabetes is not a problem of high blood sugar but rather a problem of insulin resistance in the body. Our diabetes reversal program focuses not only on reducing your sugar levels but also reversing insulin resistance so that you can lead a disease-free lifestyle.


Why are medications not a long term solution to diabetes ?

Medications are simply tools to help control blood sugar levels. They only help to manage diabetes but not cure them. In our diabetes reversal program in India, we focus on either reducing your medicine dependency or completely stop it altogether.


Is insulin resistance reversible ?

Insulin resistance is reversible with simple lifestyle changes including a nutritious diet, proper sleep and yoga. Our health experts suggest the best measures to patients for making a diabetes free India.

Our Reversal Program in India is Known for its Proven Results

With your consistent effort & discipline we are on our mission to create a disease-free India.

See Reversal Stories

10,000 +

People have been empowered with right information


7,000 +

People reversed their lifestyle diseases with right food


75% +

Average decrease in medications in our program

Diseases We Cover

Type 1 Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes

Gestational Diabetes


Transforming The Lives of Diabetic Patients

A Diabetes reversal India Program that eliminates the need for medications


Address the root cause

Our diabetes reversal program in India has leading health experts that address the root cause of type 2 diabetes and guides you on how to take control of your health.


Patient-centric Plans

We prioritize your health needs and stay with you in the journey of reversing diabetes. We care about lifestyle and guide you to reverse your diseases and lead a normal life.


Long term and sustainability

We aim to build sustainable lifestyle in our clients’ lives through our diabetes reversal program in India. We empower you with a lifestyle habits that can improve your health.


Constant support and monitoring

Our diabetes reversal program in India is supported by a health coach who regularly monitors your health progress.


Detailed Analysis of Lifestyle

Our health experts closely analyze your lifestyle to suggest you the best nutrition plan and habits to reverse your health issues.


Consultation with an Expert

We know one size doesn't fit all. Hence we have a team of world-class health experts that consults to understand more about you and your health concerns for a personalized experience.

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Our Diabetes Reversal India Program Guarantees You a Better & Healthy Lifestyle

Diet Plan

Our health experts will prepare a nutritious and easy-to-follow health chart for you that is easy to follow.

Regular Monitoring

Our health consultants track your health regularly to track your health progress.

Mind Wellness

Our health coaches guide you about easy exercises and meditations to reduce stress and live a healthy life.

Live Yoga Sessions

We provide live yoga sessions conducted by experts

Helping People Live Diabetes-Free-Life

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Best Diabetes Reversal program in India with 7000+ Clients. Join the Program Now to Get Freedom from Diabetes.

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Reclaim your life with the best diabetes reversal program

How effective is Our Diabetes Reversal Program in India?

Reverse Factor aims to make a diabetes free India in the next few years. Our clinically approved program is managed by world-class health experts who know how to reverse diabetes type 2 in India. We guide you to manage a healthy lifestyle and reduce the intake of medicines and insulin. We are trusted by many Indians for the best diabetes treatment with sustainable results.

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Identify the Problem

We always identify the root cause of the disease and its stage to provide the diagnosis in the best possible way.

Reduce Medicine Dependency

Our safe and diet-based methods of curing chronic disorders reduce your dependency on medicines gradually.

Smart Diagnosis

Regular tests, detailed analyses, and the best diet plans can regulate your sugar level and improvise your overall health.

Sustainable Health Program

Our diabetes reversal program will only ask you to make changes that you can sustain easily in daily life

Frequently Asked Questions

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This is not true. Type 2 diabetes is a lifestyle disease than a genetic one. The primary promoters of diabetes are diet, lifestyle, and stress. Hence if we change our diet, lifestyle, and stress levels, we can see reversal in matter of few months.

Yes, chronic diabetes can be reversed, but the time taken for reversal differs from person to person. We have multiple patients who reversed their 10+ years of diabetes too.

Interestingly type 2 diabetics produce more insulin. More than 95% of type 2 diabetes patients have higher fasting insulin. The problem is not insulin production but INSULIN RESISTANCE (action of the insulin)! Insulin resistance can be reversed with the help of lifestyle interventions.

Yes, you can. Fasting has multiple benefits including reducing insulin resistance. It also helps in reducing weight.

One needs to understand that reversal is not an overnight one-time event, it is a process. It happens by approaching the root causes in a step-by-step manner. The time frame for complete reversal differs from person to person

Yes. Once you understand what promotes your diseases, and what reverses them, you can sustain these changes lifelong

Yes. You can enjoy your favorite food after attaining your reversal status but within limits! At Reverse factor, we aim at a sustainable reversal where you become better and fitter and can easily opt for your favorite foods

Yes you can. Once you understand how to sustain the changes to maintain your health, you can live a life completely free of medications.

A Diabetes Reversal program is a comprehensive approach to reversing diabetes. It combines nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle changes to help patients manage their blood sugar levels naturally. Patients learn how to eat healthier, get more physical activity, and make positive lifestyle choices to improve their health.

Although the chances for recovery in diabetes type 1 is really low. But diabetes type 2 can be cured with a reversal program. According to health experts, the reversal rate of diabetes type 2 is as high as 80% if you opt for surgery. But if you undergo the slow reversal of diabetes type 2 by following the health guidelines then you will notice visible improvement and come back to normal life.

It is good to take food with fewer calories in reversing diabetes. You can start eating food with higher protein and healthy fats. Also, try to include fruits and vegetables that are rich in fiber.


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