Mind-Body Medicine is a vertical of Reverse Factor that focuses on the power of thoughts and emotions to create good health and reverse disease.


Our Concept

Every day we have around 60 - 70 thousand thoughts and every thought creates an emotion. The way we think and the way we feel creates an internal environment in the body, which is the external environment of our cell.

The latest science of epigenetics tells us that the health of each cell in our body is directly related to our thoughts and feelings. We have seen that most lifestyle and autoimmune diseases like diabetes, hypertension, cancer, depression, thyroid, cysts, heart diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis and many more can be completely reversed when we take complete control of our thoughts and feelings. It is our mind which creates our reality.

We firmly believe that to create a healthy and disease-free life, it is vital to master our emotions.

The Mind-Body Medicine program aims to empower every individual right tools and information so that they can reverse their disease and create good health.

What You Will Learn ?

Breathwork for Healing

Blessing of Energy Centers

Mastering Thoughts & Emotions

Practice Programming Subconscious

Practice Mystical Experiences

Walking Meditation

Heart - Brain Coherence

Practicing Gratitude

Why Do You Need This?

The way we think + the way we feel creates an energy field around our body. In order to heal ourselves, we need to learn how to change our energy i.e. the way we think and the way we feel. Once you change that energy, that energy changes you.

This is a great opportunity for people to escape from their busy lives and go on a deep inward journey into the quantum field—an endless field of infinite possibilities that exist beyond our known, perceivable three-dimensional reality of time, space and dimension.

Designed to challenge you to be able to master your life, our retreats will provide you with numerous opportunities to get beyond yourself so you can connect to this boundless, revitalizing, life-giving source of energy ; to create a new reality.

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Secrets To Reversing Diseases with Thoughts & Emotions

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Your genes are not your destiny. Know Why

Thoughts & foods are the two important seeds for life

Understand the power of gratitude

Gut-Brain connection

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