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Mint Leaves : The Most Cool Leaves

Mint is known as “pudina” in hindi. It is used in almost every field like for cooking, preparing drinks, cosmetics, toothpaste, candies, inhalers, mouth freshener and also used for medicinal purpose. It provides immense cooling sensation. It is rich in calcium, phosphorus, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E and B vitamins.

Why should you consume mint leaves?

  • Due to its cooling property it relieves of inflammation in stomach and cures indigestion. It’s aroma activates the salivary glands which in turn secretes various digestive enzymes which helps in digestion.

  • It’s powerful aroma relieves of nausea and mint oil or mint balm cures headache and migraine.

  • Due to its cooling property and aroma, it helps in clearing the congestion of the nose, bronchi, lungs and throat therefore makes breathing easier. It helps in treating asthma and cough.

  • It reduces the pain in breast while breast feeding.

  • Due to its intense aroma and presence of essential oils, it provides relief from fatigue and depression.

  • It is extremely beneficial for the skin as it cures itching, burns, boils, inflammation, insect bites, acne, cracks, spots and wrinkles.

  • It helps in increasing the cognitive function and makes one more alert and also increases their retention power.

  • It helps in utilization of the fats, absorption of nutrients and thus aids in weight loss.

  • It has germicidal qualities and used as mouth freshener and also promotes dental hygiene.

  • It suppresses allergies and seasonal fever.

  • It might helps in preventing cancer.

  • It act as a blood purifier and has antispasmodic effect. It also provides relief from menstrual cramps.

  • It cures morning sickness in pregnant women.

  • It regulates pulse rate and lowers the blood pressure.