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Long Pepper

Long pepper also known as Indian long pepper or lindi pepper. In hindi it is known as peepal or pippali. It contains volatile fragrant oil and other substances like piplatin, sesenin and pipla-sterol. It’s root’s is rich in piperine, steroids, glucoside, pipelartin and piperlongumine. It is used for its medicinal purpose.

Why should you consume long pepper?

  • It helps in treating dipsia that is excessive thirst.

  • It is used to treat cough and cold.

  • It is used to treat diarrhea.

  • It helps in reducing inflammation and swelling.

  • It is used to treat scanty menstruation.

  • It controls hiccups.

  • It prevents dizziness.

  • It cures flatulence, piles and irritable bowel syndrome.

  • It decreases the cholesterol level when consumed with black pepper and ginger.

  • It helps in treating obesity when consumed with black pepper and ginger.

  • It is effective in curing various skin diseases.

  • It reduces asthma in children.

  • It helps in opening blocked nose.

  • It keeps liver healthy.

  • It effectively cures jaundice.

  • It also treats insomnia.

  • It treats headache and migraine also.

  • It relieves of toothache.

  • It is good for decreasing heart related problems.

  • It is effective in healing the wound from the  insect bites.

  • It is used as galactagogue that is it increases the production of milk in lactating mothers.