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Top 5 Foods For Thyroid

Thyroid gland is one of the most important gland in our body. The reason being it is that it regulates metabolism, temperature and calcium levels in our body. People can have two types of thyroid issue. One is overactive thyroid i.e, hyperthyroidism which is associated with symptoms weakness, anxiety, weight loss and increased perspiration and the other one is under active thyroid i.e, hypothyroidism being more common and is associated with symptoms like brittle nails, dry skin & hair, weight gain and depression. Proper nutrient supply to the thyroids will keep them in good condition. Minerals like iodine, selenium, copper, iron and zinc are very crucial for proper functioning of thyroid. Here are top 5 plant based & nutrition dense diet for keeping thyroid healthy.

  1. Mushrooms are rich in iodine, selenium and copper thus keeping thyroid healthy.

  2. Sunflower Seeds are rich in selenium, copper and zinc.

  3. Soybean Seeds are rich in selenium, copper and iron.

  4. Brazil Nuts are rich in selenium and zinc.

  5. White Beans are rich in copper and iron.