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Empower Your Defense System To Reverse Asthma

Asthma is one of the most common inflammatory condition of the lungs. It is characterized by variable and recurring symptoms, bronchial spasm and reversible airflow obstructions. In order to reverse asthma i.e. modulating your immune system and reducing inflammation, one needs to empower his/her defense system both natural defense system and antioxidant defense system via Plant Based Nutrition Dense Diet.

The air we breathe is not pure

Everyday we breathe in approximately 8,500 liters of air into our respiratory tract. The air that we breathe not only contains oxygen but numerous other foreign substances like air­borne pollutants, bacteria, chemicals, and allergens, which are poised to attack our body. Our respiratory system interacts with the air we breathe thus, we are exposing ourselves to a number of microbes and irritants every day which leads to oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is the production of free radicals and an imbalance is created due to lack of antioxidants in our body which helps in neutralising these free radicals. Oxidative damage is important & critical in asthma as it contributes to airway contraction, excessive mucous production and hypersensitivity.

Our body’s natural defense system

Our body has a natural defense system in place that functions to stop the irritants before they become a problem. The thin lining of fluid, known as ECFs i.e. Epithelial Lining Fluids forms the first line of defense against the poisonous free radicals. From our nose to lungs, our cells are covered with thick mucous lining. The epithelial cells have brush border like attachment called the cilis. The cilia sweeps out all the foreign particles outside. The mucous has numerous antioxidants that neutralises the inhaled pollutants. All of these work together to neutralise the inhaled pollutants. Process of inflammatory response Increased intake of processed food along with the low quality of air we intake while breathing, damages our natural defense system. A tremendous inflammatory immune response occurs. The epithelial lining fluid of the lungs become very thick due to the immune response and is even depleted of it antioxidants which helps to neutralise the free radicals. If, not settled then chronic inflammation occurs leading to hyperactivity of our airways. Due to continuous consumption of modern western diet which is rich in fat, processed sugar, oil & less nutrients together with consumption of animal foods and dairy damages significantly our thin lining of fluid and even depleting its antioxidants level, which is our first line of defense.

Asthma is reversible

There are many evidences that prove - diet has a great influence in modulating response of the lung to inhaled allergens and irritants. And that plant based nutrition dense diets are rich in antioxidants and can therefore reverse the oxidative damage done by continuous consumption of modern western diet which is rich in fat, processed sugar, oil & less nutrients together with consumption of animal foods and dairy. This would in turn strengthen our defense system and ultimately reverse asthma by addressing its root cause. It is that simple!

Take Home Message

  • As much as environmental pollutants, diet also contributes significantly in the development and the progression of asthma.

  • Our body has a natural defense system rich in antioxidants which protects our respiratory system from oxidative damage. However, this defense system weakens with the modernised western diet you consume and thereby increase our susceptibility to respiratory diseases.

  • Plant based nutrition dense diets are the powerhouse of antioxidants and other micronutrients that can help reverse the oxidative damage and thus repair our respiratory system.