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Plant Based & Nutrition Dense Diet Can Reverse Asthma

Have you ever seen anyone suffering from asthma by eating broccoli? Or Flax Seeds? Or Carrots? Or Rice? Or Apples? No right? That is so as, Asthma, is a chronic inflammatory disease of the lungs which leaves one’s immune system depleted of antioxidants. But wait, don't get scared, because you have the most cost effective, the safest option to regenerate  these antioxidants in your body itself. What you have to do is, just consume Plant Based Nutrition Dense Diet; which is extremely rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and other phytochemicals. Yes, that’s it.

What does Studies Show?

There is an international study which was conducted by WHO, showing that children, who ate less fruits and vegetables suffered from asthma than the children who consumed more amounts of fruits and vegetables. It further revealed that there was 20 to 60 times difference in asthma rates in children around the world. Since there was huge difference in rates of asthma in one place as compared to another, they suggested the cause of this difference was local environmental factors like cigarette smoke, air pollution but the most significant was their diet. Prevalence of asthma is found to be lower in countries where people’s diet consisted of plant foods mainly. Example: Japanese smokers have 10 times lower incidence of lung disease as compared to Americans, despite higher percentage of smokers in Japan. The reason behind this difference was their diet. Japanese consumed foods rich in fruits & vegetables while the Americans consumed foods rich in fats and proteins i.e, meat and dairy products and less of phytochemicals and nutrients.

What makes fruits and vegetables so powerful?

Our respiratory system has a thin lining of fluid which acts as an interface between your respiratory tract and external environment and they are our first line of defense. They have ample amount of antioxidants stored which our body produces on its own. These antioxidants protects your respiratory system from foreign particle invasion. However over time due to the consumption of modern Western diet, our antioxidant levels are lowered and therefore we become more and more susceptible to respiratory diseases. However, fruits & vegetables which are an essential part of Plant Based Nutrition Dense Diet, can help regain the antioxidants, our body requires to protect against the oxidative damage in the respiratory tract.

What else does our fruits and vegetables offer?

Apart from antioxidants, they are extremely rich in carotenoids, flavonoids, micronutrients and phytochemicals like lycopene, lutein, alpha and beta carotene which helps to reduce the inflammation caused by asthma. Foods like tomato, oatmeal, black pepper, turmeric, cranberry, kale, red onions are very effective against these inflammation. Regular intake of walnuts, flax seeds and chia seeds increases omega -3 in your body which helps in reversing asthma.

Take home message

  • Asthma which affects around 30 million people of India, is absolutely reversible.

  • Studies involving large population have shown that nutrition is a critical part that can increase or decrease our susceptibility of developing asthma and other respiratory diseases.

  • A high micronutrient dense diet reduces inflammation and promotes detoxification needed for reversal of asthma.

  • Plant Based Nutrition Dense Diet is rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, phytonutrients, minerals, vitamins & omega-3 which reduces inflammation, improves immune system and antioxidant defense system and also reduces the hyperactivity in our airways.