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Top 10 Foods For Treating Backache

Back pain is caused due to inflammation. One should not take their back ache lightly or else it would result in severe pain. There are various reasons for back ache but the main reason is nutritional deficiency caused due to consumption of modern western diet which has no nutrients in it. Here is a list of top 10 plant based & nutrition dense diet which can cure and even reverse back ache within few weeks as all of them are anti-inflammatory in nature thus helps in reducing the inflammation.

  1. Seeds like flax seeds and chia seeds

  2. Carrots

  3. Beets

  4. Sweet Potatoes

  5. Berries

  6. Pomegranate

  7. Herbs like basil, cinnamon, ginger, rosemary and oregano

  8. Onion

  9. Garlic

  10. Nuts like brazil nuts and walnuts