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Headaches And Migraines

Headache is a very common problem that causes pain either in the head or the neck and which affects nearly 50% of the population of the world while migraine affects about 30% of the population of the world. Migraine is more commonly seen in women. Everyone wants to get rid of their headache or migraine but no one tries to identify the cause at the first place. Moreover, some people fail to differentiate between a headache and a migraine.

Difference between a headache and a migraine

“All migraines are headaches but all headaches are not migraines” i.e. when headaches become intense and leads to severe pain it is referred as migraine. Migraine is generally felt at one side of the head and is often associated with nausea, vomiting, visual impairment and difficulty in hearing at night while headache is generally felt on the entire head or forehead and near the neck. Headache is easy to treat as compared to migraine.

Cause of migraine and headache

The real cause of headache and migraine is the toxins which we intake in the form of animal food, processed food and dairy food products which are highly salted, have added preservatives and few chemicals like MSG which is found in chinese foods; caffeine found in coffee, tea, sodas and chocolates; aspartame found in diet sodas; tyramine found in all milk and fermented products, fish and beer; sulfites found in wine and packaged foods; nitrates & nitrites found in processed meats. All these dietary intake increases the toxin level in our body and when they are being metabolised inside our body for their detoxification they give rise to headache and if the toxin level is way too high it leads to migraine. Other triggers of migraine are stress, hormonal imbalance, abnormal sleep, environmental, genetics, magnesium and vitamin B complex deficiency and drugs. These triggers causes series of reaction to occur in the brain leading to overactivity of trigeminal nerve which is the largest nerve in our face and mouth. Overactivity of this nerve causes pain and blood flow changes which leads to migraine.

Medicine is not the solution for headache and migraine

Medicines just provide temporary relief but they do not address the root cause of headache and migraine. Migraine and headache both can be reversed in just two weeks only with the help of plant based nutrition dense diet. Although medicines give some relief but are associated with many side effects like dizziness, fatigue, constipation, gastrointestinal bleeding and moreover they are addictive in nature. Plant based nutrition dense diet have no side effects, inexpensive and safest option, not just to treat but to reverse both headache and migraine. These foods are rich in antioxidants, phytochemicals, magnesium, vitamin B complex and other micro & macro nutrients which blocks the production of chemicals that causes pain at the first place.

Take home message

  • Headaches and migraines are becoming very common in our modern society. It has not just affected us physically but also financially.

  • Headache usually occurs in the entire head or forehead region and the neck, the pain is dull in nature while migraine occurs at one side of the head and pain being intense and severe in nature.

  • The root cause of both headache and migraine is the food we eat which leads to buildup of toxins in our body and when our body tries to detoxify these toxins we get headache and migraine.

  • Medicines is not the permanent solution, moreover they stop the detoxification process which causes recurrence of headache or migraine later again.

  • Plant based nutrition dense diet cures and even reverses headache and migraine in just two weeks.