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Sonamukhi is a yellow colored flower plant grown in India and China. It is also known as Alexandria Senna. It is native of North Africa. The flowers, fruits, and leaves of this plants are dried and stored for its medicinal benefits. It has vast variety of unique acis, among which two most common are chrysophanic acid and cathartic acid. It contains glycosides which works as laxative and therefore relieves digestive problems.

Why should you consume sonamukhi?

  • It act as a laxative due to the presence of sennosides which is an active compound which imparts sonamukhi its laxative property, thus helps in removal of the wates from the body and also facilitates easy stool movement. It is highly effective in treating constipation.

  • It is purgative in nature that is it induces vomiting people who need to clear their stomach if incase they ate anything wrong or any toxic substance.

  • Due to its laxative property, it is also anthelmintic that is it removes any worms which might be present in our gut.

  • It is extremely beneficial for people who are suffering from hemorrhoids as it helps in easy bowel movements.

  • Aids in weight loss.

  • Being antibacterial in nature, it cures various skin diseases like eczema, acne, psoriasis and pimple.

  • It also keeps our hair strong and healthy by binding to the hair protein called keratin. It also prevents premature greying of hair.

  • Excess phlegm generation makes pour lungs weak, consumption of sonamukhi clears our lungs and thus make it strong.

  • It is also used to cure joint pains that is any form of arthritis.

  • It improves mental strength and body’s immunity.

  • It can treat any kind of kidney stones.

  • It is beneficial for good eyesight.

  • It stimulates liver for production of enzymes required for different functions in our body.

  • It also purifies the blood, thus clears the toxin present in our body.